Monday, June 27, 2011


Another failed cyber punk movie. Bummer. At least its a lot more entertaining and unique compared to "Freejack". This movie follows a man, Johnny Mnemonic, that has a storage chip implanted in his head. The world is ruled by large evil corporations and they are out to get Johnny and dominate the planet. The package in his head is too large and he must deliver it before it kills him. Yeah crazy, I know.

This film was a huge failure in all aspects. It was not a hit in theaters and it was a disappointment to the hardcore cyber punk fans. I never read the short story by William Gibson, but I am familiar with some of his work and his style. I know for a fact that the film wasn't true to the source material and that the studio re-cut it and made it more "movie-goer" friendly. Such a shame that this happened to so many movies. We may actually have some decent movies on our hands if the studio's allowed more artistic freedom. Sadly, "Johnny Mnemonic" is a casualty of dictatorship movie studios and we are left with a horrible, yet very entertaining movie. Chop this up in the "so bad it's good" category.

*2 Lance Approvals*

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